Sunday, February 16, 2014

I will go, I will do!

“I will go; I will do the thing the Lord commands.
I know the Lord provides a way; he wants me to obey."

I was thinking about this song today as I have been feeling low. I am grateful for when God encourages me to do things that are HARD. I have been depressed at the loss of gluten in my life. It has been one week now and I miss it. I miss pizza. I miss pasta. I still have rice and potatoes...but I miss those other things. And I'm not really wanting to make substitutes for them, either, at this point. Maybe in the future?

Today I baked my first GF recipe, which I will post hereafter. It turned out pretty good. I am contemplating the idea of assimilating some coconut oil and coconut sugar into our diet, replaced canola oil and refined sugar. Any suggestions of which brands to buy?

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