Monday, May 5, 2014

3 months and counting

Everything is going much more smoothly with the gluten free diet. I have my regular recipes that I enjoy and try to make news ones each week. I made a bread-maker bread recipe last week that was really good. I used the leftovers to make a breakfast casserole and I seriously didn't know that I was eating gluten free! This one things will allow me to make some recipes that I have been missing, such as my cheese souffle! And things like that are so encouraging.

This past week, there was a luau at my church. It was a date night for couples to raise money for girls camp. We signed up to go and they were serving Hawaiian haystacks. I knew I couldn't eat the chicken gravy on the top so I brought some leftover white bean chicken chili to use instead. It worked beautifully! Plus, my friend who is also gluten-free came and had forgotten to bring a gravy replacement, so I was able to share my chili with her. I felt so good being prepared and being able to still participate in the date night without feeling left out. And I brought some of my homemade GF bread with me. Yummy!

My weight has been the same throughout these 3 months. Sometimes I am frustrated with that and other times I am so grateful that it hasn't gone up! I feel encouraged through prayer that in time weight loss will come.

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