Monday, May 12, 2014

Are you still doing that gluten-free diet?

I get asked that a lot. And YES, I am. And today was the first week where I saw the scale go down. I lost one whole pound and that's exciting! But even more exciting is that I have had a menstrual cycle right on cue for the past 3 months. They have only been 1-3 days long - but they are consistent! Progress.

I am gearing up for a road trip to Oklahoma to see family. I am a bit worried about preparing food for myself that is gluten-free in someone else's home. I have even thought about taking my rice cooker with me! I imagine it will work out, but even the thought of being on the road and trying to find snacks and foods that will work is a bit stressful. I am seriously thinking to order a couple of GF pizzas from Dominos to take in the car!

My next goal is to cut back on sugar. I admit that I don't want to do this - but I feel that I should. So, I am making plans to do so.

I am exercising 4x a week for 20 minutes and I can feel myself getting stronger from it. Onward and upward!

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