Monday, March 17, 2014

5 weeks in

At some point I will probably be more creative with my blogpost titles...but, for now, I want to keep track of where I am and I am making a point to blog every Monday, at least. Things are going okay. I am going out of my way to not eat gluten if at all possible. I went to a GNO at Texas Roadhouse and I didn't eat one roll. I didn't even want a roll. I didn't expect for that to happen.

With all the chaos of listing our house on the market and getting the house clean for all of the showings, I have not had much time to make up a dinner menu and grocery list. I have been subsisting upon mostly scrambled eggs with potatoes, either baked or sliced up and fried, and yogurt mixed with ricotta cheese for breakfast. Then whatever we have for dinner. Today I plan to make the time to make up a menu. This will be so helpful, I am sure.

I made some GF Chocolate Chip Cookies two days ago. Man, are they good! My husband said they taste just like regular ones.

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